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Drug Intervention

The Intervention process is a successfully proven technique that a family and interventionist can utilize to bring an addict to the point of wanting help long before total calamity strikes them.

In many cases an addict will not admit to having a drug or alcohol problem or may just refuse to accept any kind of rehabilitation help. In such a case drug intervention will be necessary to compel that individual to enter rehab. The alternative is lettingDrug Interventiondrug addiction take its natural course and leaving a loved-one to reach rock-bottom over time; but all too often that approach met with terrible and irreversible consequences.

Drug intervention is a process by which family and friends work as a team with an experienced interventionist to "raise the addict’s bottom" too the point that treatment sounds better than carrying on using drugs because problems associated with using outweighs the benefits. Generally, before an addict will attempt to quit drugs or alcohol and accept treatment he or she must first hit bottom, which is a condition where the pain and problems resulting from their drug use become so overly troublesome that they no longer desire to carry on that lifestyle.

The addict must come to a realization that their drug use is no longer an option or solution and that it is the source of all their troubles. This awakening does not usually occur until the addict has reached rock bottom. 

All too often, by the time they reach bottom on their own without the help of an intervention the individual has destroyed many parts of their life or even died as a result of one of the many harsh consequences of addiction. The process of "raising the bottom" is to bring forth the addicted person to the realization that they are addicted and that treatment is the right option.

When done correctly, drug intervention is a highly structured and well-planned process that strips away the layers of denial, and causes the addict to realize that a serious problem exists and that their drug and/or alcohol habit are the problem. 

Ideally the intervention should be executed with an interventionist, family members of the addict, sober friends and any other positive influences that would support the drug-intervention. By coming together and confronting the addict through surprise and compassionate communication participants convey all the problems and troubles caused by the addict’s addiction and draw focus on his or her situation, this penetrates through layers of denial and reveals to them their level of selfishness and the extent too which everyone has also become victim and sufferers of their addiction. Therefore, during the intervention things inevitably turn extremely emotional typically resulting in a huge wakeup call and so humbles the addict enough to go over drug treatment options along with a statement of things expected of him or her addict by family members. There are numerous other strategies which can be included into the intervention process depending on the situation.

Before the drug intervention process begins you should have already chosen the right drug rehabilitation or treatment program and have made the necessary arrangements for admission. When the intervened on individual agrees to accept treatment they should be enrolled promptly. 

Do not wait to find a drug rehab program after the addict consents to do so because you may lose the opportunity in the time it can takes to locate drug treatment. If done correctly intervention can be successful. Intervention should always be done in conjunction with a trained intervention professional. Also visit Enabling Behaviors CALL NOW 1800-501-9330

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