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Heroin is an extremely powerful and highly addictive drug that is processed from morphine which is derived form the Asian Opium Poppy. The chemical structure of heroin is such that once in the blood stream it reaches the central nervous system much faster that morphine. Very soon after "mainlining" or injecting heroin, (heroin can also be snorted or smoked) the user experiences a "rush" which is a feeling of intense euphoria. The intensity of the "rush" depends on the quantity and potency of the heroin as well as the developed tolerance of the individual drug user. The initial "rush" is short lived and followed by smooth relaxed high where all of life's troubles seem to fade away. Tensions melt away and worries disappear. The experience of heroin is a temporary pleasure-escape from the rough edges and harshness of reality. This peaceful, easy and sedative state of mind is the allure, and if heroin use continues, the undoing of the drug user.

Black Tar Heroin being cookedIn the beginning stages of heroin use even small doses of the drug usually keep users feeling high for six to seven hours. After a short time of continued use the tolerance for the drug will increase very quickly. Within a very few weeks of regular use it requires a significantly larger amount of heroin to achieve the same desired effect. It is possible to develop a mild physical addiction to heroin in less than a week of use. Eventually, after continued use, there will come a point when heroin won't get the user high anymore. Then the heroin addict will be compelled to use the drug every four hours just to stay "well" or feeling normal and avoid the nightmarish effects of physical withdrawal.

The symptoms of physical withdrawal from heroin are extreme. They include tearing eyes, sweating, hot and cold flashes, body aches, uncontrollable tremors, diarrhea, nausea, sharp abdominal pain, and leg cramps. These symptoms are accompanied by severe depression, anxiety, delirium, and insomnia.

Heroin addiction treatment is imperative to get the addict to stop using and getting their life back.Black Tar Heroin

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