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Recovery Location

Attitudes differ on the issue of whether an addict should leave their home town or substance abusing environment when in recovery. Some use the example that you can’t run from your problems and that the drugs are everywhere and that if you can’t heal here, you won’t be able to do it anywhere else. Others feel that a fresh start in a new environment further away increases ones chances of staying drug-free. In fact, it depends on the individual and/or the severity of their addiction; some people are strong enough to recover close to home whereas others find the temptation too great. Many aspects of a previous drug using areas can trigger overwhelming desires to participate in drug using behaviors such as places or sights, sounds, smells and old friends.

When looking for a drug and/or alcohol program, you must decide whether the facility would be more suitable closer to home or a further away.

If an somebody has had a serious pattern of drug addiction in a specific area for a number of years or has fail recovery attempts before and is associated with many drug taking acquaintances, being too close could be jeopardize their program and sobriety by presenting too much temptation. In cases where traveling is necessary and family involvement is needed for treatment program, then participation can still take place via telephone and visitation. Ultimately, the decision of where rehab and recovery takes place should be where his or her chances of success are greatest.

Most people when searching for treatment centers automatically look to find a center close to home. Because this seems like the logical approach, however there are generally more reasons why sending a person far away for drug rehab is typically more fruitful. For starters the old drugging environment is a constant temptation, and most drug rehabilitation centers are not lockdown facilities. Therefore if an addict is too close to home while having a bad day in treatment, his or her chances of impulsively leaving are much greater, in comparison to being hundreds or even thousands of miles from home. Also a new area means a fresh start and no immediate reminders of past failures. Moreover, even after graduating drug rehab there shouldn’t be any association with former drug using people, places and things.

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