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Do to the over population of jails stemming from drug-related none violent crimes, and an increasing realization that jail doesn’t help to rehabilitate drug addiction. Many states are now letting people with none violent drug related offenses go through long term inpatient drug rehabilitation instead of time spent in jail or prison. However, the courts do not usually help find the rehab program for you. In most cases that task is left up to friends or family members of the one in jail. Typically, the person must be accepted to a drug rehab before he or she can be released from the jail.

Many drug treatment centers accept Criminal justice clients  and may also work closely with different court houses to help an individual get into their program. Some county courts may suggest rehab instead of jail routinely, thus, will make the steps to produce this action much easier. Other courts you might have to go through lots of red-tape to materialize this plan. In that case you’ll need to get with your lawyer or public-defender and present your request that the person in trouble be aloud to enter treatment rather than lockup. Then the lawyer or public-defender may approach the district attorney and finally the judge and hopefully they'll approve drug rehabilitation over time spent in jail or prison.

Sending someone to prison as a solution to their drug problem doesn’t work. Prison only tends to make an individual worst. By keeping them away from society for too long makes it considerably harder for them to adapt back into the community. In prison, inmates spend most of there day around other inmates where they receive negative feedback, which, usually leads to the development of many new bad habits detrimental to their sobriety and positive living. In fact, if a person is sentenced prison in stead of drug rehab that person should still get themselves checked into an intensive drug rehabilitation program upon their release to insure a smooth transition back into the community.

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