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Rehab Programs

Here at DRUG REHAB CENTER HOTLINE we understand there are many different methods, philosophies and approaches to treating drug and alcohol addiction. We also realize that what is sufficient for one person may not be suitable or appeal to another. We can assist you with figuring out what treatment program is appropriate; But ultimately you must make the choice from the many programs available and it is important to determine which rehab is right for you or the addict. Additionally if you already know the type of rehab you desire we can locate it for you. Also, remember that there are no quick-fix solutions when it comes to the recovery of alcoholism or drug addiction and the tougher challenges really begin after leaving the treatment center. Therefore it's vital to find a program that is link to proven support groups such as Celebrate Recovery, Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous or a local church group. It is essential to know that Isolating yourself from fellowship or support groups leads to anxiety and depression which will eventually cause you to gravitate in the direction of associating with old friends that still drink or take drugs, this inevitably leads back to addiction. Drug addiction and alcoholism is a physical, mental, emotional, social and Spiritual Battle and should be treated as such. Drug rehab centers are available in different settings: outpatient, hospital inpatient, and residential treatment facilities. Below are some of the most popular approaches.

Here is a study on one of the most effective treatment programs and why it achieves a higher success rate. Also these types of programs are generally much lower in cost (sometimes free) than many other rehab programs (REMEMBER TEEN CHALLENGE IS AN ADULT PROGRAM): most effective treatment program study

Christian Rehab:
Christian rehab is an intensive recovery approach and has been proven a very effective form of treatment that achieves a high rate of success. Understanding that putting their faith in Jesus Christ will enable them with the power to defeat addiction and other life controlling issues and empower individuals to lead productive lives. Christian rehab centers provide a program of study specifically designed to educate their clients about God and help them achieve the enthusiasm and knowledge required to become successful Christians. Through the Word of God and learning and meditating on the Word of God individuals learn the sound truths and principles of wisdom, knowledge and understanding set forth from the foundations of the earth. Christian drug rehab programs focus primarily on the spiritual aspects of addiction and put faith over to God for healing; But most Christian rehabs are very comprehensive and offer wide ranges of life-application training or intensive therapies and counseling derived from Biblical principles. This model drug rehab center offers long and shorter term inpatient facilities as well as outpatient. Participants attend services, study groups, classes and counseling, typically done on or near the grounds. Also visit: Spiritual Battle

12 Step programs:
Twelve-step program is a recovery program based on biblical principles set to guide a course of action for healing life controlling issues and addictions. Alcoholics Anonymous & Narcotics Anonymous is a fellowship groups that shares their similar experiences, strengths and hopes with one another so that they may successfully heal their addictions, shortcomings and repair other life problems through the 12 steps recovery plan. The 12 steps program encourages addicts to admit being an addict and to put their faith in their higher power. 12 step treatment programs advises individuals not make any long-term commitment to stop using drugs and/or alcohol, but to take recovery one day at a time. It's through this day-by-day commitment and the support and reinforcement offered in the Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) 12 steps program that addiction is overcome. The philosophy of 12 steps programs is that drug addiction and alcoholism are a disease which can be healed through adhering to its principles, support, affirmation, reinforcement, education and individual sponsorship. Also visit: 12 steps program

Therapeutic Community:
The Therapeutic Community is a long-term behavioral modification treament approach to drug rehabilitation. It is a highly structured drug rehabilitation program in where clients typically live for 1-3 years. Patients in these communities are generally addicts with relatively long histories of drug addiction and have repeatedly been involved in serious criminal activity. As a result, the ability to function socially has been seriously impaired. The drug rehab center approach for these programs is to focus on the social and behavioral aspects of addiction and some TC's also integrate the 12 step program. For more detailed information visit: Therapeutic Community

Dual Diagnosis programs:
Dual Diagnosis rehabs specialize in treating individuals who suffer from a severe mental disorder accompanied by an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. Sometimes a serious psychological condition is caused by a chemical imbalance which can be regulated by medications. These programs often combine a variety of treatment methods depending on the nature of the psychological problem and the drugs and/or alcohol to which the patient is addicted. The mental condition or chemical imbalance if not treated can cause behavior that leads to drug or alcohol abuse and addiction which further complicates the patient's condition. Dual diagnosis drug rehab centers address this type of addiction through psychiatry and prescription medications and other forms of therapy. However, many adverse mental conditions are a result of prolonged bad choices and unhealthy behavior such as taking drugs and not taking care of oneself mentally, physically and spiritually and therefore through intensive long-term treatment and comprehensive rehabilitation the addict can turn his or her condition around without taking psychotropic drugs prescribed by a psychiatrist. For more detailed information visit: Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Alternative Rehabilitation:
Alternative treatment or secular rehabilitation centers are different than the Christian recovery program and twelve steps program approaches; these are often called holistic rehabilitation programs however holistic means providing treatment to the whole person; mind, body and spirit, therefore Christian treatment programs by definition would be holistic. Nonetheless, alternative rehabs often use other secular practices to try and deal with drug dependency.

Note: Many people use fasting as a deep physical detoxification method; such as fruit or juice fasts or fasting with water something Jewish and Christian people have done for thousands of years for spiritual and physical benefits. Some conditions may limit fasting therefore you should check with a physician who promotes fasting before doing a fast. Also, you could do a web-search on "the benefits of fasting" to learn more.

Special interest rehabs:
These drug rehabs are facilities that provide activities of special interest concurring with treatment. Such programs may include sailing, snowboarding, golfing, wilderness, hiking, fishing or surfing drug rehab.

You can click on the assorted treatment centers link to do a detailed search for a list of drug and alcohol rehabs matching your needs in any part of the country. Also the Christian drug rehabs link to locate an affordable Christian rehab program.

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