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Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual affliction and must be treated as such for successful recovery.

Drugs are used for many of reasons, including; to get high, suppress physical or emotional pain, social acceptance, help with personal identity problems, boredom, loneliness, self-esteem issues, and as a coping mechanism. Regardless of the reason for the drug use, relief from pain or for social reasons, some will find it extremely difficult or impossible to control their drug use once they've started on them. 
Drug Addiction

No one plans to be ensnared into the grips of drug addiction, but the fact is that it happens to millions of people from all walks of life. Although people know that taking, drugs can be risky, they don't think that they will become addicted.

Drug addiction is very insidious; at first the drugs seem to help out, and all of life's problems seem to fade away, tensions are reduced, and worries disappear, and even the daily tasks that once seemed difficult don't seem so bad anymore, but the perceived benefits of drug usage is ultimately be the allure and the undoing of the person if he or she does not stop taking the drug.

Drug abuse is a progressive disorder which usually starts off slow with small amounts, but tolerance of drugs can build fast, so the drug user will need more of the drugs to achieve the same desired effects. If regular usage of the drug continues, the person will eventually progress through these stages of drug use, drug abuse, and ultimately drug addiction.

Once the person has progressed into drug addiction, the original reason for taking the drugs will have faded. No longer will the life seem easier. Now they will need to take the drug just to feel normal. The very drug that seemed to help in the beginning will create more pain. Once addicted, the addict will have a strong compulsion to use the drug or drugs. They will do whatever it takes to acquire them, regardless of the negative consequences of their drug use behavior. The addict will not be able to find any relief or pleasure from anything other than the drugs. Their whole life will be consumed with finding ways to get money to support their drug addiction, to avoid the harsh reality they have created and to escape from the painful effects of the withdrawal symptoms.

The drug addiction will progressively undermine the mental, physical, social, and spiritual well being of the drug user, and will gradually over a period of time change the addict into someone nobody will recognize, to the point that they are no longer interested in people or normal activities. The drugs will become the most important part of the persons life.

Lying and manipulation becomes second nature and the drug addiction will eventually destroy every aspect of individuals life. If the addict does not receive professional help in the form of a drug rehabilitation program or get admitted into some type of inpatient drug rehab center their problems will soar, and he or she will eventually end up in jail, go insane or die as a result of their drug addiction.

One of the biggest misconceptions is that a drug addict cannot recover, but drug and alcohol addiction can be overcome. Through the right individualized comprehensive treatment program, individuals can learn how to a live happy honest and productive drug free lives. 

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