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After leaving the rehabilitation center life can be very challenging. This is why many drug rehab centers provide aftercare programs for individual who may still need the support of the rehab program whlie trasitioning back into society. This gives them the opportunity to find empolyment and/or schooling or job training and still live at the recovery program and receive further recovery. This is a must for some individuals and a better alternative for others. The treatment center should provide options for aftercare on a case by case basis..

Types of Aftercare:
Some drug rehabs offer individuals to stay there longer and even become staff through thier schooling and training programs. Especially the Christian discipleship programs which also have the proven higher success rates.

Also avalible are sober living homes or transitional housing, where upon completion of the treatment program the individual goes to live in a setting with other recovering addicts. This is a great option for them to start fresh in new environment with the support of other addicts. They are required to find work and pay rent, usually inexpensive, and attend 12 step meetings or Celebrate Recovery. After the recovering person has saved enough money and feel they are able to move on with their life free of drugs and alcohol, they can move out and start there new sober life.

In addition, some drug rehabilitation centers offer a guarantee with their treatment program, that once the individual has successfully competed the drug rehab program and should for any reason they relapse within the first six months of completing the program, they can return for a repair treatment program at no cost. Call Now 800-501-9330




Drug Rehab Home Drug Treatment Assessment Getting Started  Get Help Now