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Life after drug rehab can be challenging for some recovering addicts. This is why many drug rehab centers provide individuals with an aftercare program. This gives them the opportunity to ease back into society with the support of the drug rehab program. This is a must for some individuals and a better alternative for others. Depending on each individual case drug treatment centers will suggest an aftercare program.

Types of Aftercare:
Some drug rehab centers offer what is called a "work exchange" rehab program. This is the best option for those who need an intensive aftercare solution. Once the individual has completely finished the drug or alcohol program, they are eligible to apply to stay longer, anywhere from one to six months, sometimes longer, depending on their recovery performance and progress. During this time they work various jobs throughout the rehab center and are supportive to patients in other phases of the program. They will receive free room and board and be paid a normal salary. This allows recoveries to work and save money toward their goals while receiving extended treatment in a safe and supported environment.

Another type of aftercare program is sober living housing. Many drug rehab centers offer transitional housing, where upon completion of the treatment program the individual goes to live in a setting with other recovering addicts. This is a great option for them to start fresh in new environment with the support of other addicts. They are required to find work and pay rent, usually inexpensive, and attend 12 step meetings. Once they have saved enough money and feel they are able to move on with their life free of drugs and alcohol, they can move out. Through the fellowship of alcoholics anonymous and narcotics anonymous, both 12 step programs, these sober living homes can be found in almost every city in America.

In addition, some drug rehabilitation centers offer a guarantee with their treatment program, that once the individual has successfully competed the drug rehab program and should for any reason they relapse within the first six months of completing the program, they can return for a repair treatment program at no cost. Call Now 800-501-9330




Drug Rehab Home Drug Treatment Assessment Getting Started  Get Help Now